Prof. Bernard Legube

Last diploma and distinction

1983   Doctor (ès-Sciences) of Chemistry at the University of Poitiers (speciality : Water chemistry)
2006  Officer of the Academic Palms

Recent current or past major functions and tasks

At the National School of Engineers of Poitiers (internal School of the University of Poitiers)

  • Exceptional Class Professor at the University of Poitiers, teaching at the National School of Engineers of Poitiers (ENSIP) to engineer and  PhD levels.
  • Director of ENSIP (February 2004-April 2012).

At the University of Poitiers

  • Coordinator of the transversal program of research "Water-Soil" for the University of Poitiers (1999 – 2013).
  • Director of the research laboratory « Water chemistry and water microbiology », joint research unit of Poitiers University and CNRS (1997 - 2010).


  • Member appointed by the ministry (then co-opted) to the National Committee (section 13), for evaluation of research laboratories and CNRS researchers (October 2005 - July 2012).
  • Current member of the research laboratory « Chemistry Institute of Poitiers (joint research unit CNRS / University of Poitiers), Team « Water, Soil and Health ». 


  • President of the Commonwealth of Universities and Institutions « Limousin Poitou-Charentes » grouping Universities of Poitiers, Limoges and La Rochelle (since October 2012).
  • President of the Consortium of 40 French institutions in charge of the creation of the Franco-Vietnamese USTH University in Hanoi (since May 2014, after serving as Vice-President).
  • Chairman of the Scientific Council of the Water Agency Adour-Garonne (since october 2013 after being a member of the board).
  • Vice - President of « IANESCO Chimie » (for water analysis and testing laboratory) of Poitiers.
  • Member of the Scientific Council of "Eau de Paris".

Main teaching loads, current and past

  • Water physical-chemistry.
  • Solid/liquid separation processes (coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation, flotation, filtration).
  • Disinfection processes and elimination of dissolved compounds (oxidation, ion exchange, adsorption, precipitation).
  • Drinking water treatment (treatment processes)

Overall data on research activities

  • H-index : 33
  • Citations : more than 3200
  • More than 270 research publications in various forms (international scientific publications, proceedings, patents, books, etc.)
  • 30 frames supported doctorates
  • President or jury member of numerous doctoral defenses (over 50)
  • Main specialities : Ozonation and ozonation by-products - chlorination and chlorination by-products - Advanced Oxidation Processes - Physico-chemistry of water - Characterisation of natural organic matter - Disinfection - activated carbon adsorption - coagulation to remove organic materials - Membrane Processes and membrane fouling - Water resources quality and evolution.

Some typical publications 

10 selected publications illustrating my research fields (last 10 years)

  • M. DEBORDE, S. RABOUAN, J-P. DUGUET, B. LEGUBE (2005). “Kinetics of aqueous ozone-induced oxidation of some endocrine disruptors”, Environmental Science & Technology, 39, 6086-6092.
  • E. Barron, M. Deborde, S. Rabouan, P. Mazellier, B. Legube (2006). “Kinetics and Mechanistic investigations of progesterone reaction with ozone”, Water Research, 40, 2181-2189.
  • F. FOLLUT, F. PELLIZZARI, N. KARPEL VEL LEITNER, B. LEGUBE (2007). « Modelling of phenol removal in aqueous solution depending on the electron beam energy », Radiation physics and Chemistry, 76, 5, 827-833.
  • M. DEBORDE, S. RABOUAN, P. MAZELLIER, J-P. DUGUET, B. LEGUBE (2008). “Oxidation of bisphenol A by ozone in aqueous solution”, Water Research, 42, 4299-4308.
  • J. RODIER, B. LEGUBE, N. MERLET and col. (2009). « Water analysis (in french) », Dunod Paris, 9ème édition, 1526 pages (Bernard Legube was the main coordinator).
  • F. AL MARDINI, B. LEGUBE (2009). “Effect of the adsorbate (Bromacil) equilibrium concentration in water on its adsorption on powdered activated carbon”. 
  • “Part 1: Equilibrium parameters”, Journal of Hazardous Materials, 170, 744-753.
  • “Part 2: Kinetic parameters”, Journal of Hazardous Materials, 170, 754-762.
  • S. LISSALDE, N. MAZZELA, V. FAUVELLE, F. DELMAS, P. MAZELLIER and B. LEGUBE (2010). “HPLC-ESI-MS/MS method for 33 pesticides in natural water and comparison of performances between classical solid phase extractions and passive sampling approaches”, Journal of Chromatographie A.
  • A. CARIOT, A. DUPUIS, M. ALBOUTY-LLAT, B. LEGUBE, S. RABOUAN, V. MIGEOT (2012). « Reliable quantification of bisphenol A and its chlorinated derivatives in human breast milk using UPLC-MS/MS method ». Talanta 100, 175-182
  • M. SOUFAN, M. DEBORDE, A. DELMONT, B. LEGUBE (2013). « Aqueous chlorination of carbamazepine: Kinetic study and transformation product identification ». Water Research 47, 5076-5087.
  • C. JULIEN., E. LAURENT, B. LEGUBE., J.-H. THOMASSIN, L. MONDAMERT, J. LABANOWSKI (2014) Investigation on the iron-uptake by natural biofilms. Water Research 50 (2014) 212-220
  • B. LEGUBE (2015). « The drinking water production (in french ) », Dunod Paris, 1ère édition, 400 pages, to be published in May 2015.


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