François Lapicque

CNRS Research Professor in the Laboratory of Reactions and Chemical Engineering (LRGP, UMR CNRS 7274 –Université de Lorraine) 





  • 1987 « These d’Etat » at the Institut National Polytechnique de Lorraine (INPL), Nancy, on multiphase electrochemical processes for electrorganic synthesis
  • 1983 PhD at INPL, Nancy, on high temperature endothermal gas phase reactions under highly concentrated energy fluxes 
  • 1979 Chemical Engineering Diploma at ENSIC, INPL, Nancy.


  • From 1994 Research Professor (CNRS) in Laboratory for Reactions and Chemical Processes, ENSIC, Université de Lorraine
  • 1983-1994 Full-time scientist CNRS at LSGC

Research activities

  • Electrochemical Engineering: waste treatment using electrochemical techniques (electroleaching, electrocoagulation, electrode direct conversion), clean processes, transfer phenomena, hydrometallurgy and electrodeposition processes, CO2-free iron production by hematite electrolysis. 
  • Electrochemical conversion of energy: 
  • Fuel cells: reaction kinetics, technology, ageing phenomena, dysfunction of fuel cells, modeling CHP units and reformers. 
  • Batteries: characterisation of ageing phenomena using impedance spectroscopy
  • Water electrolysis: modeling of solid oxide electrolysis cells, PEM electrolysis
  • Photobatteries and cells with photosensitized dyes

Around 147 papers published, 20 invited lectures, 39 PhD prepared under my supervision, 6 chapters in specialized books in engineering sciences and in fuel cell technology. One book in preparation.

Collaboration with various labs, research centers and industrial partners (CEA Liten, CEA Marcoule, Saft, ArcelorMittal, R. Bosch GmbH...).

Other professional activities

  • Head of the « Multiphase systems » (Systèmes Polyphasiques) team of the lab since 2012 
  • Member of the editorial board of Chemical Engineering Research and Design since 2004 and of Electrochimica Acta since 2013.
  • Coordinator of the Project contract of between French state and Région Lorraine on Sustainable Chemistry and Processes (2015-2020) (budget around 1300 kEuros/year)
  • Organisation of symposia on Electrochemical Process Engineering and Technology ‘Division 5) of the International Society of Electrochemistry since 2010
  • Lectures to undergraduate students on fuel cells in ENSIC, Univ. Lorraine. Supervision of student placements in industry in UK and in Germany.
  • Expert for French research programmes (ANR) and for international organisms
  • Member of the Evaluation Panel of the Royal Technical University (KTH) in Stockholm in 2012
  • Coordinator of the accreditation application of the ENSIC Institute to the Institution of Chemical Engineering (2013)
  • Chairperson of Division 5 “Electrochemical Engineering Processes and Technology” of the International Society of Electrochemistry (2013-2014). Presently Past-Chair of the Division

Selected recent papers

  • N. Legrand, S. Raël, B. Knosp, P. Desprez, F. Lapicque, “Including double-layer capacitance in lithium ion battery models”, Journal of Power Sources, Vol. 251 (2014) 370-378.
  • L. Abdelouahed, S. Poncin, G. Valentin, F. Lapicque “Hydrodynamics of gas bubbles in the gap of lantern blade electrodes without forced flow of electrolyte: experiments and CFD modelling”Chemical Engineering Science 111 (2014) 255-265
  • Y. Chatillon, C. Bonnet, F. Lapicque, “Heterogeneous aging within PEMFC stacks”, Fuel Cells, 14 (4) (2014) 581-589.
  • Y.Z. Xia, T.T. Nguyen, S. Fontana, A. Desforges, J.F. Maréché, C. Bonnet, F. Lapicque, “Development of half-cells with sulfonated Pt/Vulcan catalyst for PEM fuel cells”, Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 724 (2014) 62-70.
  • S. Georgette, S. Picart, C. Bouyer, J. Maurin, I. Bisel, S. Grandjean, J. Deseure, F. Lapicque “Study of the plutonium (IV) electrochemical behaviour in nitric acid at a platinum electrode. Application to the cathodic reduction of Pu (IV) in a plate electrolyser, Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, 727 (2014) 163-170.  
  • Cl. Hazotte, N. Leclerc, S. Diliberto, E. Meux, F. Lapicque, “End-of-life nickel-cadmium accumulators: characterization of electrode materials and industrial Black Mass”, Environmental Technology, 36, 6 (2015) 796-805.
  • M. Carré, R. Brandenburger, W. Friede, F. Lapicque, U. Limbeck, P. de Silva “Feed-forward control of a solid oxide fuel cell system with anode offgas recycle”, Journal of Power Sources, 282 (2015) 498-510.
  • F. Lapicque, C. Bonnet, B.T. Huang, Y. Chatillon, “Analysis and evaluation of aging phenomena in PEMFCs”, Chapter 5 in « Fuel cell engineering: model-based approaches for analysis, control and optimization” edited by K. Sundmacher, Advances in Chemical Engineering Series, Elsevier (2012) pp. 265-330. 

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