Conclusions of the IPN Audit R&D&I suggest that the current division of institutional support according to received points assigned to individual types of results is faulty, risky and without support in any European system of financing. The Audits point to the impossibility of development of new fields, establishment of new institutions, and to the absence of factors needed for effective management and institutional development. More effective and objective public funds' division and increased competitiveness of our R&D&I are the main reasons for changing the current system of institutional financing. 

The new proposal will be based on conclusions of the IPN Audit R&D&I and Long-term Evaluation and Financing Principles. 

The basic two components of the financing of research institutions are:

formula funding, including Field-specific Evaluation Methodology developed in KA2 and an informed peer review based on an indicator frame of relevant databases, informing of research institutions' past results,

and performance based contract evaluating development trends of research institutions and their preparation to fulfil their commitments.

These are the means to eliminate criticized mechanical re-calculation of points to research institutions' financing, and therefore suppress their purposive behaviour. Contracts between research institutions and the financial support provider could be concluded ideally for at least 5 years, and their execution will be continuously monitored. These contracts will also include repressive tools, in case any of the contractual parties does not fulfil their obligations. We assume the new system of financing research institutions enables them to develop. It will also cultivate the Czech scientific environment and increase the culture of evaluation. The change in the received financial amount to research institutions shall be smooth; the transition to the new system doesn't have to be radical, which will minimize the risk of dissolution of a higher number of research institutions as well as inefficient use of a significantly larger donation.

KA3 is to be implemented by an external supplier chosen by a tender in close co-operation with the project team and Czech and foreign panellists. Concurrent KA 3 results will be compared to KA 2, which also includes optimization of the Field-specific Evaluation Methodology.


  • A proposal of financing research institutions from public funds.



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