last conference with technopolis
19. May 2015

At the last conference with Technopolis, held on 14.5.2015 in BEA centrum in Olomouc, the Director of the supplier, Erik Arnold thanked everyone participating in the creation of and commenting on the proposal of the new methodology and financing of research organisations in the Czech Republic. „The objective of the proposed methodology is to prepare Czech research organisations for competing at the Olympic games,” Stated Arnold, emphasising international comparison, which the proposed system includes. 

IPN MethodoloGy IS preparing principles of R&D&I SUPPORT PROGRAMMES EVALUATION

IPN MethodoloGy IS preparing principles of R&D&I SUPPORT PROGRAMMES EVALUATION
08. May 2015

„If it can be done elsewhere, it can also be done here.” Claims the author of the proposal, based on best practices abroad. 

In May 2015, IPN Methodology published a draft proposal of general principles of research, development and innovation (R&D&I) support programmes evaluation. According to its author, Ing. Martin Srholec, Ph.D., from CERGE-EI, there is a dire need of new evaluation standards in the Czech Republic. „Evaluation in its true sense is actually not being performed here. The proposal should initiate changes for the better, in order for the quality of evaluation to start being comparable to international standards.” In the interview with IPN Methodology, he describes the aims of the proposal, its key principles and the necessary systemic changes. 

Conference on Funding Brought Fruitful Discussion

Conference on Funding Brought Fruitful Discussion
27. February 2015

The main topic of the 2nd International IPN Methodology Conference, which took place on February 26th in Hotel Santon in Brno, was the new system of institutional funding of R&D in the Czech Republic. The primary objective of the meeting was to promote discussion between the domestic research community and the authors of the proposal, Technopolis.  “We had a very engaged debate and received a large number of valuable comments”, appreciated Erik Arnold, Managing Director of Technopolis, the active involvement of the conference participants. Presentations are included in the article.

PARDUBICE CONFERENCE: Methodology should promote strategic R&D&I management

09. January 2015

On January 7th, 2015, 160 experts from different areas of science and research met at the representative premises of the Congress Centre Pardubice at the first of the three planned conferences in order to acquaint themselves in more detail with the draft version of the new methodology of institutional evaluation. Representatives of the British company Technopolis and sub-suppliers of the public contract who are designing the new methodology presented at the „Conference on the new Methodology for R&D Evaluation“.

Public hearing of the proposal of institutional funding

01. January 2015

As part of the IPN Methodology project, the British company Technopolis created a proposal of principles of provision of institutional funding to research organisations in the Czech Republic. The research organisations, together with the providers of institutional support, will have the opportunity to comment on the proposals during the public consultation, held from Jan 21st, 2015 to Feb 6th, 2015. The debate held about the proposal is going to culminate at the conference, taking place on Feb 26th, 2015 in Brno. This material follows up on the previous draft of the methodology of institutional evaluation that has been publicly discussed during the first round of public consultations in Nov 2014. 

Introducing the Methodology Draft and Opening it to Public Debate

10. November 2014

As of today, a public debate has been open regarding the first interim report that has been created by the British company Technopolis and which includes the proposal of methodology of institutional evaluation. We have sent the report to the research organisations and to the providers of institutional funding and asked them for their inputs. The deadline for sending any comments is 26. 11. 2014. 

Project IPN Methodology Prolonged until October 2015

04. November 2014

On October 31st, 2014 the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports has approved prolonging the Individual National Project called “Effective System of Evaluation and Financing of Research, Development and Innovation” (IPN Methodology) until the end of October, 2015.  The project that has commenced in February 2012 was originally due to finish in June 2015.  The reason for the request to extend it by four months was postponing the beginning of the realisation of the public tender for the service “Methodology of Evaluation in R&D and Funding Principles”. IPN Methodology will use the extra time primarily to check the evaluation of research organisations based on the proposal of the new methodology. 


28. August 2014

The British company Technopolis, together with local experts, is developing a proposal of a new system of evaluation and financing of R&D&I in the Czech Republic. In our first interview, we ask its Managing Director, Professor Erik Arnold, how can the Czech scientific and research community affect the preparation process of strategic recommendations. “The final proposal will be put together based on both analyses and comments from those affected by the new methodology,” says Professor Arnold and appeals to research organizations and others to submit their comments on the proposals prepared by Technopolis.

Technopolis Met with the Team in Prague

11. July 2014

Representatives of the British company Technopolis, which is to propose the new system of evaluation and funding of R&D&I within the IPN Methodology, attended a meeting of the project team on July 3rd, 2014 in Prague. The full day meeting included work on the definition of common key concepts, such as the evaluation procedure and evaluation unit. At the same time, Technopolis team members received up-to-date information on current systems of evaluation in the Czech Republic. 

Introducing the first results of IPN Methodology

26. June 2014

The IPN Methodology team has contributed to the creation of an Evaluation Methodology of research infrastructures. This methodology will serve as a benchmark for the evaluation process and assessment criteria of research infrastructures. The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports published the Methodology and simultaneously announced a request to submit proposals of research infrastructures on June 23, 2014. 



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