The project’s main objective is to design a proposal for a new R&D&I evaluation and financing system by the means of public funding, which could become the main information source for strategic R&D&I system management on civil service authorities, granting authorities, programs and research institutions level.

The strategic objectives are:

  1. To design a motivating R&D&I financing system putting emphasis on excellence and medium-term planning.

  1. To improve the efficiency evaluation culture of R&D&I system and its individual components.

  2. These objectives will be achieved through the following outputs:

  3. A proposal of field-specific evaluation methodology (FEM), which will be subjected to external examination and small and large pilot testing.

  4. A proposal of research institutions’ evaluation, programmes and contributors. Evaluation of research institutions will take into account quantitative and qualitative indicators and will also reflect future oriented indicators. Evaluation in universities will also include artistic and creative results.

  5. Professional training in the area of human resources, evaluation of R&D&I institutions and of experts in bibliometrics.

  6. A feasibility of the establishment of an independent evaluating institution survey.

  7. A model of a new financing system for R&D&I as a whole, institutional financing of research institutions and its stability testing.

  8. A proposal of a set of transformation steps and a timetable of gradual changes in a manner ensuring R&D&I system stability throughout the transition period.

  9. A proposal of a set of legislative changes necessary for new systems’ implementation.

  10. Establishing conditions for acceptance of new systems through close cooperation with affected institutions and target groups.




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  • Prof. Ing. Jitka Moravcová, CSc.

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  • Ing. Martin Lhoták

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  • Doc. Ing. Daniel Münich, Ph.D.

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  • doc. RNDr. Vojtěch Petráček, CSc.

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  • Prof. Ing. Vlastimil Růžička, CSc.

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  • Mgr. Romana Strnadová

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  • Mgr. Karel Šima, Ph.D.

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  • Prof. Ing. Václav Havlíček, CSc.

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