Rulkens Wilhelmus Henricus


Technical University Eindhoven, The Netherlands
1966 MSc Chemical Engineering (cum laude) ( K. Rietema)
1973 PhD Chemical Engineering ( H. Thijssen)
Title of PhD-thesis: "Retention of volatile trace components in drying aqueous carbohydrate solutions”


1966-1973 University teacher/researcher Technical University Eindhoven

1973-1989 Dutch Research Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO)

     1973-1976 Manager Research Group Process and Product Development (research for process industry, food industry, chemical industry).

     1976-1989 Manager Research Group Environmental Technology (research area: treatment of wastewater, polluted soil, wastes, manure, sewage sludge).

1989-2007 Professor in Environmental Technology at Wageningen University. 

Head of the Sub-department of Environmental Technology (≈ 80 persons, including scientific, administrative and technical staff members, scientific co-workers, 50 PhD-students). 

Responsible for the Education and Research Programme in Environmental Technology. 

2008- Emeritus Professor in Environmental Technology 

Main current activities: Advising, Consultancy and Evaluation:

  • Recovery of Energy from Wastes and Wastewater.
  • Sewage Sludge treatment (mechanical dewatering, drying, supercritical gasification,   supercritical oxidation, conventional gasification,  recovery of energy, PO4  and NH3). 
  • Manure treatment (dewatering, drying, recovery of PO4, NH3, K, energy).
  • Recovery of nutrients from wastewater.
  • Assessment of innovative environmental technologies with respect to technical and economic feasibility and environmental sustainability. 
  • Assessment of treatment scenarios for solving environmental problems
  • Decision-making in the selection of environmental technologies.
  • Assessment and evaluation of research- and project proposals.
  • Evaluator innovative project proposals Wetsus (Centre of excellence for sustainable water technology, Netherlands).
  • Evaluator for Governmental Agencies in Belgium, Qatar and Portugal of research programmes and research projects in environmental technology. 
  • Chairman of the Visitation Panel of the Bachelor of Science and  Master of Science education programmes in Bio-Engineering at the Flemish Universities of Ghent, Antwerp, Brussels and Leuven. 
  • Series Editor Environmental Science and Engineering (Springer–Verlag,  Berlin).


During his career Wim Rulkens was involved in the execution of research, supervising research projects, initiation of new research projects, setting up research programmes and evaluation of research projects and research  programmes in the field of Environmental Technology. With a strong  focus  on the development of innovative, sustainable environmental technologies, aimed at the abatement of emissions of pollutants and minimisation of energy use, recovery of energy from wastewater and wastes, recovery of valuable materials from wastewater and wastes and reuse of non-renewable sources. International cooperation and development has become more and more a crucial aspect of the research, as environmental problems become increasingly worldwide problems.  


  • Series Editor “Environmental Engineering”. Springer Verlag, Heidelberg, Germany.
  • Member IWA (International Water Association).
  • Member of Scientific Council Wetsus (Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Water Technology, Leeuwarden).
  • Member KIVI / NIRIA (Dutch Association of Professional Engineers).
  • Member NVA (Dutch Association of Water Management).


  • Member of the Examination Board IHE (International Institute for Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering, Delft). 
  • Member of evaluation committee of the Dutch research programme: Ecology, Economy, Technology 
  • Chairman of the Advising Committee Innowator. Advising Committee for the Dutch Government. (Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs). Innowator is an innovative programme on Water Technology. 
  • Chairman of the Dutch Programme Committee on Environmental Technology. Advising Committee for the Dutch Government. (Dutch Ministry of Housing, Spatial planning and the Environment). This Programme Committee deals with the Introduction and Application of Clean Technology and Environmental Technology in the Industry.
  • Chairman of the working group on Innovative Manure Treatment (POR). Advising Committee for the Dutch Government. (Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality).
  • Evaluator research projects IWT (Institute for promoting Innovation by Science and Technology in Flanders (Belgian Government).
  • Member of the Peer Review Committee of the Flemish Environmental- and Energy Technology Innovation Platform. (Belgian Government).
  • Member of the Core Committee for the Visitation of the Education Programme Bio-engineering Sciences at the Flemish Universities. (Belgian Government).
  • EU-expert/evaluator research programmes and projects dealing with Environmental Technology and Sustainable Development.
  • Member of the Management Board of the Foundation for Post Academic Education in Environmental Technology and Civil Engineering.
  • Evaluator Research Programme of the Irish Research Council for Science, Engineering and Technology.
  • Member of the Academic Board of Wageningen University. 
  • Member of the Advising Committee Research School Biotechnological Sciences Delft-Leiden (AR-BSDL).
  • Member of the Management Board Research School Process Technology (OSPT).
  • Editorial Board “Environmental Engineering and Policy“. Springer Verlag, Heidelberg
  • Editorial Board ”Process Safety and Environmental Protection” Transactions of the Institution of Chemical Engineers, London.
  • Member of The Dutch Advising Committee on the Realisation of Large Scale Manure Treatment Plants. (Advising Committee of the Dutch Ministry of Agricultural, Fisheries and nature Management)Member of the Advising Committee of the International HCH-forum. This Forum deals with the problem of sites contaminated with pesticides such as HCH (Lindane).
  • Member of the Programme Committee “Technological Development” of the Dutch Soil Research Programme. Responsible for the coordination and evaluation of the research into techniques for clean-up of contaminated soil, polluted groundwater and polluted sediments.
  • Member of the Working Group “Research on Municipal Wastewater Treatment in the Netherlands”. Foundation for Applied Water Research.
  • Member External Assessment  Committee Bioscience Engineering in Flanders ((under the auspices of the Flemish Interuniversity Council (VLIR).
  • Chairman Accreditation Panel Bachelor of Science programmes of Ghent University: Food Technology, Environmental Technology, Molecular Biotechnology, (Songdo Global university Campus, Incheon, South Korea).

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