Sánchez Hervás José María

He is a Dr in Chemical Engineering from Complutense University of Madrid, 2003. He got his bachelor´s degree in Chemical Engineering from Complutense University of Madrid in 1991. In 1997 he got a Master´s degree in Environmental Management from Polytechnic University of Madrid. 

He started his research career at TGI S.A. (Tecnología y Gestión de la Innovación S.A.)  in 1992, working for the Energy Generation Department. In 1995 he joined CIEMAT, the Spanish Research Center in Energy, Environment and Technology, where he works for the Combustion & Gasification Division. Since 2005 he co-ordinates the activities of the Gas Cleaning and Upgrading Group and since January 2015 he is Head of the Unit for Energy Valorisation of Fuels and Waste, which reports to the Combustion & Gasification Division. He got a permanent position as a senior researcher in 2006. 

His fields of expertise include: Combustion and Gasification Technologies for Energy Valorisation of Fuels and Waste, and Advanced Gas Clean-up, particularly high temperature sorbent & catalytic technologies for gaseous emission minimization, tar removal, H2 separation with inorganic membranes, gas upgrading by Water Gas Shift and CO2 capture.

He is a member of several technological platforms related to clean energy conversion such as the International Energy Agency Fluidized Bed Conversion Implementing Agreement IEA-FBC-IA, the European Energy Research Alliance EERA Bioenergy, Thermochemical Platform, the Spanish Technological Platform for CO2, PTCO2, the Spanish Hydrogen Association AeH2, the Spanish Platform of Hydrogen and Fuel Cells, PTE HPC, and the Spanish Carbon Group (GEC). 

He has taken part in 28 R&D&D international and national projects; in 13 of them as lead researcher. He has published 30 papers in scientific journals, 8 books (or chapters in books), 86 contributions in peer-reviewed conference proceedings and more than 150 technical reports. 

As a lecturer he participates in different courses at graduate and post-graduate level in the field of Energy Conversion of Fuels and Wastes. Since 2012 he is teaching in the Master on Renewable Energies, Hydrogen and Fuel Cells organized by the Spanish National Research Council and the Menendez Pelayo University. He also takes part in other courses such as the Master on Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency offered by the University of Salamanca, and the Master on Renewable Energies and Energy Markets from EOI.

He has experience on the organization of scientific events, workshops, seminars and summer schools for dissemination of outcomes of research projects (PROLIPAPEL, FECUNDUS, FLEXGAS, CHRISGAS).



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